Launch of the Global Sustainability Space Challenge 2022

Join us on September 5th, 12:30 pm AST at Qatar University or online at for the inauguration of the first Business Space Innovation Lab and the launch of the Global Sustainability Space Challenge 2022.

The Challenge aims to further the cause of sustainability locally and globally through educating young generations and building capacity to prrepare a sustainable future for all. Students from educational institutions around the world will join forces and leverage spacer access, science and technologyto come up with impactful solutions to pressing issues related to sustainability on earth.

Special guests - H.E Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Naseer bin Ahmed al Thani, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Tara Ruttley, Chief Scientist of the Orbit Reef (Blue Origin), Dr. Jim Green, Chief Scientist Metavisionaries, former Chief Scientist of NASA, Dr. Hilde Stenuit, Business Development Head, ICE Cubes Service and Wasim Ahmed, CEO of Metavisionaries.

Please register to attend this event. Attendance is free of charge.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you all.


General webinar

  1. Introduction of the Global Sustainability Space Challenge:
    • Goals & Scope
    • Timeline
    • Eligibility Criteria
  2. Tracks and First overview on “Why Space”?
  3. Q&A

Webinar will be led either by members of the organizing team.


Series of horizontal / track specific “Why Space?” webinar

  1. Climate Action Track (SDG 13): why space?
  2. Sustainable Food & Agriculture Track (SDG 2): why space?
  3. Life Science & Healthcare Track (SDG 3): why space?
  4. Sustainable Consumption and Supply Chain Track (SDG 12): why space?
  5. Sustainable Arts, Fashion and 3D Printing Track: why space?

Webinars could be led either by members of the organizing team and/or mentors.

19 Sep - 01 Oct

Series of vertical webinars

Dedicated to the scientific aspect of the proposals: Mentors assigned for each track by the Organizers will guide the teams in shaping their concept from a scientific point of view. No webinars as such.

  1. Webinars dedicated to engineering aspect of the proposals:
    1. Space Platforms: explain possibilities of sub-orbital, ISS - LEO, cubesats, …
    2. Spatialization: how to - technical implementation space: it will touch on boundaries, constraints, typical process steps to develop an idea from the engineering point of view.
  2. Webinar to focus on the business / startup aspect of the teams’ proposals. It will introduce teams to ideas on how to turn their idea into a business case and present valuable information on how to set up a space start-up/company.

Webinars could be led either by members of the organizing team and/or mentors.

10 - 31

Metavisionaries Hackathon

Metavisionaries Hackathon will be held with the aim to hack the mindset of traditional thinking fostering thinking outside the box. Teams will learn, unlearn and relearn. The focus is on helping the selected teams to further develop their proposals into full and final form.

29 - 30

Pitch preparation

Mentoring will be provided to the finalists in order to prepare them for the final pitching event.

8 - 15