The Sustainable Arts, Fashion, and 3D printing track can involve activities tackling one or more of the below themes. Or you as participant can come up with a different theme, or an alternate take on any proposed theme.

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3D printing for sustainable space exploration

The focus of this theme is to address the potential of 3D printing in space that could make space exploration more sustainable - by simply being able to create parts and whole objects directly in space or on the surface of the Moon or Mars. This would allow us to lower the dependence on supply missions, decrease risks traditionally associated with spaceflight and to increase effectiveness. There is also a potential to connect 3D printing in space with in-situ resources utilization, making use of material readily available near or at the destination to reduce the amount of material that would need to be taken from Earth.

Space for sustainable and functional Textile Materials

The focus of this theme is to address the potential of microgravity for production of textile materials that would be more sustainable than the existing ones, possibly altering the way we see fashion and production of clothing and accessories. Furthermore, there is a potential to use space technologies for the creation of “clothes of the future” that could, for example, generate renewable energy (for example, solar fabric clothing). It is possible to combine this theme with the themes touching on 3D printing, as this combination offers tremendous opportunities.

Using space for digitalizing fashion supply chains

This theme addresses the potential of space technologies and data to improve the digitalization of fashion supply chains. Digitalization of fashion industry can help with the optimization of a production flow, measurements and reduction of environmental impacts and with waste management – all this having positive effects on enhancing the sustainability of fashion. Thus, it is important that the industry is aware and utilizes data from space, for example real-time tracking data from satellites.

Space art for raising awareness about sustainability

Art is more than aesthetic beauty – it shall be seen as a way of communicating ideas and making social statements, shaping our lives and experiences. Combined with space - which itself inspires people since the dawn of humankind - connection of space with art has tremendous potential for encouraging discussions about sustainability and our relationship with the environment. This theme opens the window of opportunity for finding the intersection of space science, AI, fashion, 3D printing, and various forms of art - intersections that are all novel and unique. One of the many examples include space-to Earth artistic projects. This can include turning space data from sensors or whole space objects (e.g., space debris) into artistic expressions, or AI models that can be trained to process all this information and ‘create’ new forms of artistic expression, musical or visual, unheard and unseen before.

Bringing the overview effect to people on Earth

When astronauts return from their trip to space, they describe what they call the overview effect, seeing the world from above as a place where borders are invisible and with a fine blue line of atmosphere. This has a tremendous potential for inspiring solutions for safeguarding our Earth, making us more aware of the need to protect our climate and tackle climate change. Thus, this theme focuses on finding means of bringing the overview effect to the fingertips of humans.